"I know that sorrow and suffering do exist, but I wish that my painting remembers that the world has been created nice and good"
Gato Frías –Susana Díaz de Vivar–

Visiting the olive trees
Oil on canvas - 70 x 90 cm. - 2008
Artist’s property

“Naïf painting? The one that sprouts directly from heart and feelings, avoiding with more or less skill, the cold filters of intellect. Naïf painting is no easy to define. I would say that it is a poetical, sometimes satirical or sharp, reinvention of our everyday world, the one that bothers and hurts us, to make this world more tolerable. Innocence, sweetness, pure whiteness, in the immaculate look of the artist’s eye. To whom, the tradicional or academics norms, do not have any meaning.”
César Magrini
VII Salón de Arte Naïf
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