“This to hoard unheard…..”
Gerard Manley Hopkings

Eleonora walks, rides her bicycle, comes across a place and stops there with her watercolours, pencils, inks, either alone or in a group.

There may be thousands of people like her in the world in an impulse to leave a testimony of their experiences. As most architects do her drawings respond to the canon of perfection and details.

But in her watercolours and some recent works she vents her emotions, a drawing that flows even when focusing on houses, buildings or bridges. Sometimes it is spontaneous and controlled as well which answers one of the so many Tao thoughts on art: “when my brush slightly touches the paper it moves as fast as the wind…”

Laura Feinsilber
Member of AACA (Argentine Art Critics Association)


Acceso al Mercado San Telmo
Watercolour on paper
21 x 28 cm.

Arenales y Esmeralda
Watercolour on paper
30 x 22 cm.

Av. de Mayo 1º subterráneo y cúpulas
Watercolour on paper
22 x 30 cm.

Barcaza sobre el Paraná 1
Watercolour on paper
28 x 19 cm.

Barcaza sobre el Paraná 2
Watercolour on paper
30 x 22 cm.

Paraná de las Palmas
Watercolour on paper
28 x 18 cm.

Plaza Dorrego
Juego de colores y sombras
Watercolour on paper
15 x 21 cm.

Reconquista y Cangallo
Cúpula Bencich
Watercolour on paper
15 x 21 cm.

Julio Argentino Roca vigila
y las torres San Ignacio
Watercolour on paper
19 x 28 cm.
Plaza Dorrego
Día de feria dominical
Watercolour on paper
24 x 32 cm.
Av. de Mayo
Palacio Barolo y La Inmobiliaria
Watercolour on paper
21 x 30 cm.
Monumento de los españoles
Mármol de Carrara
Watercolour on paper
22 x 30 cm.
Casa Calise
Watercolour on paper
30 x 22 cm.
Patio de los Ezeiza
San Telmo
Watercolour on paper
19 x 28 cm.
Convento de Santa Catalina de Siena
Watercolour on paper
15 x 21 cm.


Eleonora Dorrego. Argentine. Born in San Telmo, historic neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Anselmo Aieta 1089

Strengthening our identity.
I love Buenos Aires and places that identify her.
I often walk the city and suddenly come across  places that drive me to stay and record them.
“To live the spirit of the place: Genious  loci”, Norberg Schulz.

This is why I have started sketching.
To draw in silent solitude wherever emotion may  take me.
To create the atmosphere that the personal stroke both enhances sketching and colour.
To be able to show spots that we often ignore and share them as part of our identity.
Ever since the day I ran out of film in my camera, I decided to record what most struck me  to transform it later.
I am convinced that chance does not exist in any aspect of our lives.
And thus it was that drawing which, as a student, helped me economically, became a record of my travels and experiences.
I found in sketchbooks time for reflection and enjoyment.
Every stroke signifies emotion, emotion fixed by colour, never to be forgotten.

“Nothing is harder than simplicity”. Utamaro Kitagawa 1763-1800.

Studies and activities
Architect, graduated from University of Buenos Aires where I taught as Adjunt Professor for 36 years as well as in other universities.
I worked in my profession as designer and building manager in an independent way and in various fields such as: private houses, offices, factories and multimedia areas (TV channels, theatres, radios and newspapers).
Lately I have restored wooden antiques.
Always sketching wherever I go.

Participation in exhibitions
Croquiseros Urbanos de Buenos Aires. Consejo Deliberante de San Isidro. 2017
Bienal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires. 2018
Casa de Americas, Madrid. 2017. Arnet La Red.
Salon de Verano. Asociacion Impulso Gente de Arte. La Boca. Buenos Aires.
Matite in Viaggio 2018. Mestre. Venice. Italy
Diari di Viaggio 2019 . Ferrara. Italy.


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