Winds alter the still leaves outside.
Inside, feelings are not less vulnerable to the blast of purpose or illusions.
The forms and colors of "Winds" show such certainty in every canvas of Kitty Barcia.


Mixed media.
60 x 60 cm.

Mixed media.
152 x 192 cm.

Symphony III
Mixed media.
100 x 100 cm.

Mixed media.
80 x 60 cm.

Mixed media.
50 x 60 cm.

Mixed media.
80 x 60 cm.

History of a passión
Mixed media.
100 x 136 cm.

Mixed media.
80 x 80 cm.

Mixed media.
80 x 80 cm.
Space 1
Mixed media.
100 x 100 cm.
Mixed media.
101 x 142 cm.
Mixed media.
80 x 80 cm.



She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


1965-1969    Stage Design , Salvador University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1970-1972    Delia Fabre´s studio.  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1973-1975    Miguel Dávila´s studio. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1975-1976    Extension courses at Harvard University, Massachusetts, U.S.A..
1989             Clelia Speroni´s studio. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1992             Extension course at Women´s Library, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998-1999    Marcela Beaubeau de Secondigné, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2013-2015    Marco Otero´s Studio.

Solo Exhibitions

1976            Harold Ernst Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A..
1977            Sagazola Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1978            Colonial Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1978            Interlaken Hotel, Bariloche, Argentina.
1979            Unika Space, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1980            King Arthur´s  Table, Punta del Este, Uruguay.
1984            Flower´s Walk Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014            Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Group Exhibitions

1977           National Show-room´s Special Exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1978           Hache Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1978           Conquistador´s Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1978           Womanart Gallery, New York, U.S.A..
1983           Paris Café, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1985           Today in Arts Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1989           Caritas - 3 Christmas Cards, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1989-2014  Argentino Tennis Club, Annual shows, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2013           Annual Show, Marco Otero´s Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2014           Art Space 10 Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Decoration Works

1992-2009    Decorations, equipments and works in private houses and institutions.


Hotel Club Francés
Rodríguez Peña 1832
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