Gracia Cutuli


Anasazi corner Walth Withman
Mixed media. Acrylic on canvas. Interwoven.
46 x 46 cm.

We still are
Mixed media. Acrylic on canvas.
Interwoven with digital print.

50 x 60 cm.

(Woman, in tehuelche language)

Acrylic on canvas.
52 x 56 cm.

Mixed media. Acrylic on canvas.
Digital print. Embroidery with lurex.

42 x 62,5 cm.

Pu Lonko
(The chiefs,in mapuche language)

Acrylic on canvas. Interwoven.
88 x 88 cm.
(Girl, in tehuelche language)
Acrylic on canvas.
42 x 40 cm.
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In the year we celebrate our 200 years of Independence, these selected pieces are a tribute to the memory inscribed in the signs of textiles that have been, for centuries, the guardians of the American heritage.

Since 1994, during the last period in my work, I have emphasized the semantic value of textiles. In these pieces I have resignified the textile iconography of the aymara, anasazi, inca, maya, nazca, mapuche, tehuelche people. The communicational density of clothing or ceremonial textiles is translated in a mixed technique: acrylic painting on cloth, later inter woven with poetic, historical or ceremonial texts in their original language.

The word text comes from the latin word textere, and in these works revolve around the origin and the end of everything.

In one of my works I refer to Ovid´s Metamorphosis in order to allude to the implicit relation between textiles and the web, since the most ancient technique lends its symbol to cyberspace.

In the return to my pictorial beginnings as an artist, the textile is inserted as a metaphor.

Gracia Cutuli



Studied in Argentina and France. Founded the El Sol, Gallery of Textile Art, in 1964, and ran its direction until 1970. She writes books and articles about textile art in Argentine and foreing publications. 1991-2002: Is chair professor of Textile Design and research worker at the National University of Buenos Aires and postgrauate professor from UBA and UNLP.

Her Works on painting, textile art and mixed technique were shown in 50 individuals exhibitions and 230 group ones  in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Chile, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, USA, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Senegal, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Académica de Número at Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes in november 2011.

Most important awards: 1st Prize at the Buenos Aires Show of Textile Art; Special Award of Honour at the !st National Textile Art Show. Konex Platinum Tapestry Award.

Her work has been commented and reproduced in books, CD Rom, Videos and publications of Argentina and abroad and it can be found in museums and private collections.


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