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Adaptable dimensions

Art Group: Gloria Arboleda, Micky García del Río and
Laura Viñas, live and work in Buenos Aires



“The space we painted is not empty, it is light”

Once again grupo Combo, art group formed by Gloria Arboleda, Micky Garcia del Rio and Laura Viñas invites us to enter the universe of “ready made” objects which are full of sensorial and intellectual significance. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Raul Lozza invited the group to work in its main exhibition hall last November.

Once, essence of things, obsession for light, fascination for movement, the search for colour and the seduction of line are projected in space, we can recreate our own universe.

Artistic Project
The installation is formed by simple light bulbs. Dividing the space in the shape of a wave, the light bulbs hung from steel cables from wall to wall. The sequence of light combines itself with the sound of a piece of music.
The space is the silent spectator of those who stay in the shadows. Suddenly the line has life and volume and interacts with people in a contemporary language through this installation created by grupo Combo.
Through its apparent formal simplicity, the installation reveals itself as an universal artistic thinking and brings to our minds previous masterpieces.


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