..Silvana Blasbalg

Enfrentamientos (lucha desigual):
Digital graphyc and photoengraving.
80 x 60 cm.

Buscando la salida:
Digital graphyc and photoengraving.
80 x 60 cm.

Contraste urbano I:
Digital graphyc and photoengraving.
80 x 60 cm.

Contraste urbano III:
Digital graphyc and photoengraving.
80 x 60 cm.

Digital graphyc and photoengraving.
80 x 60 cm.

Varias (Serie Yo creo):

Santa mosca del mandala
(Serie Yo creo):

(Serie Yo creo):

Buscando el cielo I:
Digital graphyc and photoengraving.
80 x 60 cm.



“As strange as it may seem, man, without doubt,
 is only a big tear in the order of things”
Michel Foucault (Words and Things).

Regardless of all our efforts to understand it, to frame it, to circle it, the world possesses an immanent complexity, which causes amusement, curiosity and a wish to decipher.

That complexity, however, is not found in accessible places. It is found in the simplest things, in the mystery of life and the intricate changes of state and transformations. From its genesis, the universe has been transforming and mutating. Those changing processes have been, and are still today, territories of interest for philosophers, scientists and artists.

Silvana Blasbalg takes this immeasurable substratum as a reference, creating, above all, a universe of her own, likely to have its own mutations and migrations. On her boxes, books and graphic images, she shows a world of creatures in continuous movement. The dynamism is not only visual: it is perceived, moreover, in the superimposing of graphic stratums, in the dialogues between images, texts and objects, in the sliding between handmade and digital techniques.

The tension between the flat support, the objects and the acrylic structures, between manual and technological production, between order and scattering is a continuous characteristic which attracts the spectator’s attention, letting him to participate in a conceptual but vital construction.

In her desire to capture this world, to apprehend and personalize it, Blasbalg draws up collections, tests classifications. Her aim, however, is not the one of the scientist, who tries to exhaust the diversity of nature in each category to get to a complete an immaculate order.

On the contrary, in the work of Silvana Blasblag, the order is ephemeral and precarious, deeply unstable. In spite of the frames, of the concepts that give order to the composition, the figures resist to homogenize, claiming for their right to remain singular.

The same again happens with the language that sometimes appears in an enigmatic way. Free letters or words are a metaphor of a knowledge that only hardly erects between the complex plots of reality. 

Instead of imposing itself to the images, naming and classifying them, the texts emerge themselves into a game of equilibrium and tension, turning into a pure plastic element. In this way, they reinforce the element of pleasure that is hidden behind each composition, and that is one of the main rhetorical principles that affects the creative production of the artist.

On this work, the articulation between reality and artifice, between the echoes of nature called by the images and the manipulation derived from the artistic work are not less subtle. Over this contrast, the images obtained from reality interact with other previously emanated images, of places and toys.

In this way, every work is the result of a patient process of production, reproduction, selection and composition, searching and ordering. An incentive which attracts our attention, an occasion to rediscover the world that in its insistence and singularity lets us once again be amazed by the enigmatic order of things.

Rodrigo Alonso


Argentina. Vive y trabaja en Buenos Aires.

Selección de principales exposiciones y premios:

2006/2007: muestra on-line www.mostorojasarte.com

:Trastienda Activa,Galería 1/1 Caja de Arte, ArteBA

Proyecto Pandora, (Estudio Ace), BUENOS AIRES

:Galería Atica, ZIG ZAG (Buenos Aires) (segunda parte)

MULTIPLE VISIONS / TRAVELING ART BOXES from Argentina,Uruguay & México,
Fairfield University,Ct,(G.Kartofel: Curator) U.S.A

: Primer Premio XXXIV Premio Internacional de Grabado Carmen Arocena,España,Mención Salón Manuel Belgrano
Participación en laTrienal de Cracovia, Polonia.
Second International Biennale for the Artist´s Book, Alexandria, Egipto.
Invitada al Premio Trabucco de Grabado, Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes (1998 y 2006).
Tercer Premio Concurso Internacional de Arte Digital Mosto y Rojas Arte.
Galeria Berenice Arvani, San Pablo , Brasil

: XII International Triennial of  Small Graphic Forms, Lódz, Polonia.
Mención especial: VI Biennale Internazionale per l’Incissione,Acqui Termi, Italia.
”Panorama da Gravura Argentina”, Galería Gravura, San Pablo, Brasil. Participa del XVIII Premio de Grabado “ Maximo Ramos”, España.

: IV Bienal Internacional de Grabado,  Portugal
Participa del Premio de Gráfica Digital, El Caliu, España  y de “The V th International Triennial of Graphic Forms, “Lituania.
Participa del XXXII Premio Internacional de Grabado Carmen Arocena, España .
Bienal Internacional de Grabado, Orense, España.(obtuvo el segundo premio en 1994)
“Premio Florencio Molina Campos”, Buenos Aires, premio adquisición.

: “Zoología Gráfica” Galería Atica ,Buenos Aires. ”La Nueva Palabra, La Argentina y sus creadores”, Granada – España.
Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Mención.
Salón de Santa Fe, tercer premio . Entre Ríos, Museo Guaman Poma Mención. III Trienal Internacional de Bitola, Macedonia.
XVII Bienal de Grafica de Ibiza, España. 
Invitada a la IV Trienal de Grabado de EGIPTO (2003)

libros de artista. Fundación Telefónica , Santiago de Chile.1996: 11th.German Internacional Exhibition of Graphic Art,  Frechen,  Alemania,Segundo Premio.
Invitada a participar de la  Bienal de Gior, Hungría y del  Premio de dibujo de Wroclaw, Polonia.

Desde 1995 participa en diferentes ferias: arteBA, Estampa, Madrid, Art Miami, Fia, Caracas, Artist`s Book Fair, Londres.
Tambien es co-fundadora de la Galería 1/1 Caja de Arte,en Buenos Aires,donde se realizan muestras de carácter contemporáneo, participando asiduamente en ferias de arte. (ArteBA; Expotrastiendas, etc.).